For more than half a century we have been helping pupils, students and professionals excel with the use of our products and services. This has taught us one thing, it’s all about people. While other investors often focus on certain business sectors or unique business ideas, we believe that the most important factor for success is nurturing a strong company culture aligned with the business idea.


The skill in noticing talent, identifying and developing corporate cultures and attracting the right teams, has given us the opportunity to expand from our Scandinavian roots in academic publishing to digital learning, IT, food processing, distribution, retail, real estate and hospitality both in Scandinavia and East Africa.


We are, since 1963, a family owned company giving us the advantage to plan and act long term without the stress from an impatient stock market. It also gives us the freedom to work with people and companies that share our values of internal and external transparency, humanistic ethos and the understanding that conscious and responsible business is a great way to build a better world. This all achieved by creating employment, tax income and satisfying people’s needs for continuously improved products and services.  


The understanding of why and how we invest has brought us to Tanzania, where we today contribute with the employment of approximately 350 Africans that have never had a salary before and where we have increased export income to Tanzania through processed cashew nuts and conscious, sustainable tourism.



Publishing of learning products for the entire learning journey.
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Real estate.


Bare-foot luxury resort on Pemba Island.
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Food processing.
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Safe cosmetics.
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Real estate.

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